You can search the NC Community College Virtual Learning Community for online programs and course offerings.Instructors at North Carolina’s Community Colleges have a variety of VLC tools available to them online. You can seek out information about distance education partnerships, share course materials and develop contacts with other educators across the state.

e-Learning North Carolina site is a valuable resource for North Carolina’s students whose work and family obligations prevent them from enrolling in a campus-based college program. Because North Carolina is home to UNC’ System’s 16 universities, 36 private institutions, and 58 community colleges, you have many excellent online programs to choose from, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to fit your needs, usually without ever setting foot on campus.

NC-NET offers a peer-moderated medium through which exemplary and timely professional development opportunities may be accessed. One of the major goals of the project is to eliminate duplication of efforts while providing access to some of the best professional development resources developed by community colleges throughout North Carolina. NC-NET catalogs, warehouses, and disseminates these resources in addition to creating online courses, workshops, and tutorials.

The North Carolina Learning Object Repository (NCLOR) collects documents, audio/video clips, simulations, learning modules, assessments, and more – virtually any type of learning resource that can be digitized and processed. Teachers from around the state can then search the NCLOR, find materials appropriate to the classes they are teaching, and use them as is or modify them to suit their needs. This concept of sharing and reusing is the core of the NCLOR philosophy. Teachers can become more productive and efficient. If quality course or digital materials exist and are free for North Carolina faculty, why reinvent the wheel?