Allegra Davis Hanna is a founding faculty member of Texas’s first online community college campus, and serves as an online English instructor and as Department Chair of Humanities for the Tarrant County College Connect Campus in Fort Worth, TX. She teaches composition and creative writing, leads faculty teams in creating master courses, provides training for campus faculty. She works with faculty and instructional designers to create videos and podcasts for use in her classes and many others. Currently, she serves on the campus’s Civic Engagement committee, which presents webinars to hundreds of students, focusing on civic awareness, voting, and reading and understanding the news. She has 12 years of experience as a teacher, including work in K-12, dual credit and at colleges and universities. Allegra got married in April of 2018, and lives with her husband and two dogs, Sherlock and Katniss.
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Are You Available? Social Presence in Online Courses
Online faculty know about the importance of instructor presence in an online course. In this session, we will build on that knowledge by discussing the importance of social presence – letting students know you’re a real person, and letting students relate to each other as real people. We will go through creative and engaging strategies for use in online classes, including webinars, podcasts, the use of videos and images, and ways to create a personal presence in an online space. Attendees will have the opportunity to see live classes that use these strategies, and also to share their own ideas for increasing instructor and social presence in online classes. Technical information, like what equipment and software you’d need to launch similar initiatives will also be provided.