Allegra Davis Hanna is an online English instructor, Humanities Department Chair, speaker, teacher mentor, and podcaster. She has been teaching for 15 years, and has taught at high schools, community colleges, and universities. She has conducted over 50 training or professional development workshops for faculty, started and managed a dual credit program, and in 2015, became a founding faculty member for Tarrant County College’s fully online campus, TCC Connect Campus.

 She teaches composition and creative writing, leads faculty teams in creating master courses, and serves as Chair for the Connect Campus Professional Development committee. She works with faculty and instructional designers to create videos
and podcasts for use in online classes. She also serves on the campus
Civic Engagement committee, which creates and presents webinars to hundreds of students, focusing on civic awareness and information literacy.

Allegra got married in April of 2018, and lives with her husband and two dogs, Sherlock and Katniss.

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