Dr. Torria Davis is an accomplished educator with expertise in the areas of professional development, curriculum development, course design, and online education. A published writer, researcher, presenter, and award winning course designer with 30+ years of experience in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, shares her understanding of course management systems, learning theories, and instructional design principles, with university professors in their efforts to infuse technology and create interactive and engaging online courses for adult learners. Her book, Visual Design for Online Learning is part of the Jossey-Bass Online Teaching and Learning Series.

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Being There For Our Students
In face-to-face we demonstrate support and “being there” through physical gestures and eye contact. We greet students at the door, shake their hands, smile and make eye contact. How do we demonstrate “being there” for students in our online classroom. This workshop will highlight several practical ways to demonstrate “being there” for our students.

Tools for Being There for Our Students
This workshop will follow up the keynote with specific technologies for demonstrating “being there.” At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to apply specific technologies immediately today, other technologies you’ll be able to apply tomorrow, and some technologies you’ll be able to apply next semester.